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Did You Know?

Clear oak timber comes from the heart of the tree, which means it is free of knots and most imperfections. This oak also has a uniform appearance with little variation in tone or colour. However this appearance comes at a premium price.

American White Oak Select

Many of my customers prefer oak with more knots, cracked knots, colour variation, splits and sometimes even the occasional worm hole!

These imperfections can be filled but many customers feel they add to the character of the floor, producing an end result which looks rustic, warm and inviting, as well being more affordable.

American White Oak Floor Rustic

Sourcing your oak

There are many species of oak and many different grades. It's important to know where your oak has come from and how it has been dried. Natural air drying takes a year for every inch of thickness. Over several years of seasoning the moisture content of oak will change from about 60% to around 16%, meaning huge shrinkage. This is a long process so some suppliers (especially in the 'third world') attempt to speed up the process with kiln drying. This can cause uneven drying, especially as heart wood dries at a different rate to the outer layers. If the unwary buyer mixes these timbers in the same installation it can be a recipe for disaster.

About me

Andrew Donaldson in my workshop

I opeate from a workshop in a beautiful old 'crook barn', one of only two like it in West Yorkshire.

The term crook or cruck comes from Middle English crok(e), from Old Norse krāka, meaning "hook".

Crook framed barn. Photo: Simon Webb

Built around 1600, the structure is based on upturned oak tree boughs (or crooks) and is little changed from the houses built by invading Vikings who dismantled their long boats and inverted the timbers to provide the structure for their first homes. More

Customer comments

"1st class job - fantastic finish. Really pleased!", Mrs Jagger, Silkstone Common

"Thank you for a superb job"
T.R. Harrogate

"A real quality job. many thanks."
Mrs P., Newsome

The originals of these unsolicited comments are available on request. Plus, I will happily put you in touch with previous customers if you would like an independent opinion about my work

My Experience

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I have over 15 years experience in dust-free floor sanding for both residential and commercial buildings. Always seeking to achieve an extremely high-quality finish.

Why would you use me?

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I can guarantee a 98% dust-free job.

All my laquers and oils for finishing the floor are the best quality products available on the market.

All floors are covered with a manufacturers guarantee for wear and tear if the correct aftercare procedure is ahered to.

I also explain to the customer how to best maintain their new floor in the future by using the correct aftercare products.