Examples of work

Customer comments

"1st class job - fantastic finish. Really pleased!", Mrs Jagger, Silkstone Common

"Thank you for a superb job"
T.R. Harrogate

"A real quality job. many thanks."
Mrs P., Newsome

The originals of these unsolicited comments are available on request. Plus, I will happily put you in touch with previous customers if you would like an independent opinion about my work


About Me

I have worked for over 30 years in the construction industry, specialising in installing wood flooring for the last 10.

I love my work. I am passionate about quality, a stickler for detail and, yes, a bit of a perfectionist; if I can't do it well, I won't take the job!

I opeate from a workshop in a beautiful old 'crook barn', one of only two like it in West Yorkshire.

The term crook or cruck comes from Middle English crok(e), from Old Norse krāka, meaning "hook".

crook barnBuilt around 1600, the structure is based on upturned oak tree boughs (or crooks) and is little changed from the houses built by invading Vikings who dismantled their long boats and inverted the timbers to provide the structure for their first homes.

Cat in treeOne of the more unusual facts about me is that I was trained by York Agricultural College to rescue cats from trees and have the qualification to prove it. By the way, we didn't use real cats but stuffed toys!

Contact Me

As I'm usually working on-site, the best way to contact me is on my mobile phone.

Please call: 07969 459318. Click here for a link to email me or email me using <My First Name>@<My whole name>.co.uk Please replace bracket contents with actual names. I've done it this way to prevent automated Spam.