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Whenever I'm fitting oak, I like to use timber from trees that were lost in the storms of the late 1980s.

No matter what material I use, I try to guide the customer to sustainable sources of supply, especially in the case of hard woods imported from tropical or rain forest areas where it is important to establish the provenance of the material to protect forests from the irreparable damage that is taking places in some locations.

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I have worked for over 30 years in the construction industry, specialising in installing wood flooring for the last 10.

I love my work. I am passionate about quality, a stickler for detail and, yes, a bit of a perfectionist; if I can't do it well, I won't take the job! More

Customer comments

"1st class job - fantastic finish. Really pleased!", Mrs Jagger, Silkstone Common

"Thank you for a superb job"
T.R. Harrogate

"A real quality job. many thanks."
Mrs P., Newsome

The originals of these unsolicited comments are available on request. Plus, I will happily put you in touch with previous customers if you would like an independent opinion about my work

The Beauty of a Natural Wood Floor

Bruno the labrador dozing peacefully in autumn sunshine on a well-insulated oak floor. Photo: Jonathon Monk

Nothing matches the beauty of a well-fitted solid or laminate wood floor. Most people who contact me have already chosen or perhaps purchased their wood yet realising the potential of this material requires careful and skillful installation. This is a specialist job. Do it yourself and get it wrong, or choose a less experienced or non-specialist installer and that 'perfect feature' can become an annoyance that can cause you problems for years to come, instead of adding value to your home and being a feature that looks better and better over the years.

Every room is different and has its own challenges. Not only that, timber quality varies enormously. As a general rule, the cheaper the material, the harder it is to install well. More.

Preparation is Everything

Cutaway flooring diagram. Illustration: Alan Priest The secret of a successful flooring installation is preparation. The floor has to be insulated from moisture ingress, which is a feature of all rooms both old and new. Unless it is protected, wood will absorb this moisture, causing it to expand after fitting. The floor boards will then warp and 'cup', leading to a wave-like surface.

No floor base is completely flat - even a newly-laid concrete one, where the tendency is for the level to drop away at the edges of the room. Even a 1-2mm variation will be felt and will lead to movement and cause the floor to become noisy.

It's important also to ensure the floor is insulated. Uninsulated wooden floors will lose valuable heat, feel cold to touch, be unpleasant to walk on, be more prone to movement and add unnecessary £££s to your heating bills. More.