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Timber needs to be left for 10-14 days in the room where it is to fitted in order for it to acclimatise to the background temperature and humidity levels naturally present.

As a natural product, wood will continue to absorb and release moisture. This means your floor will expand and shrink from season to season.

Mind the Gap

Gaps between the boards in Winter are common. These gaps will disappear again when the humidity gets higher in summer.

These gaps are important. Fit the floor too tightly and it can cause the boards to warp in summer.

Sensitive Beech

Beech floors can vary in colour from light cream to mid tan, often with a hint of orange. It is as hard as oak and highly durable.

An example of beech flooring

Beech is well known as a 'sensitive' wood, especially to heat and atmospheric moisture. It can expand by up to 7mm per metre across the year then contract back again. For this reason, beech is usually treated before fitting by steaming. Beech also changes colour with temperature and is not suitable for a room with underfloor heating as the heat will cause uneven and permanent changes in appearance.

About me

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I have worked for over 30 years in the construction industry, specialising in installing wood flooring for the last 10.

I love my work. I am passionate about quality, a stickler for detail and, yes, a bit of a perfectionist; if I can't do it well, I won't take the job! More

Customer comments

"1st class job - fantastic finish. Really pleased!", Mrs Jagger, Silkstone Common

"Thank you for a superb job"
T.R. Harrogate

"A real quality job. many thanks."
Mrs P., Newsome

The originals of these unsolicited comments are available on request. Plus, I will happily put you in touch with previous customers if you would like an independent opinion about my work

Picture Caption: Below - Oak skirting fitted around central heating pipe. The section below the pipe is removed and a matching oak fillet inserted to fill the gap. (click for larger image)

Picture Caption: Below - Oak skirting fitted around architrave (click for larger image)

Oak skirting fitted around architrave

Preparation is Everything

A concrete floor being epoxy sealed tp prevent rising damp.

Picture Caption: It might look like a funky colour scheme but in fact I'm simply preparing the base by sealing it with epoxy resin to prevent moisture from damaging the flooring timbers.

Moisture ingress, is a feature of all rooms both old and new. Unless it is protected, wood will absorb this moisture, causing it to expand after fitting. The floor boards will then warp and 'cup', leading to a wave-like surface.

The prepartion process depends on the base surface but can involve up to four stages before the wooden floor can be laid (see diagram below)

Cutaway flooring diagram. Illustration: Alan Priest

No floor base is completely flat - even a newly-laid concrete one, where the tendency is for the level to drop away at the edges of the room. Even a 1-2mm variation will be felt and will lead to movement and cause the floor to become noisy.

It's important also to ensure the floor is insulated. Uninsulated wooden floors will lose valuable heat, feel cold to touch, be unpleasant to walk on, be more prone to movement and add unnecessary £££s to your heating bills.

The Devil is in the Detail

Picture Caption: Detail of boards fitted around a cast iron stairway(still to be painted) in a large 60 sq metre lounge in an early 1900's house in York.